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About KALABAN COURA by Quentin Dujardin

"In December 2008, after losing my bag in the flight between Casablanca & Bamako, I had no other choice than staying for a while in the capital of Mali. Waiting for my luggage, I was invited by the painter, Oumar Cisse to stay in the neighborhood of Kalaban Coura (3 miles from the airport). Living there with his family, I was playing the guitar in front of the house everyday. That's how I met up unexpectedly with guitarist-vocalist Kalil Sidy Haïdara

Kalil has touched me through his style very much inspired by a traditional instrument called an n’goni (small kora). The whole days we spent jamming on the streets of the Kalaban Coura neighborhood brought back memories of another meeting, dating from 2003, with the Moroccan singer-violinist in Marrakech, Jalal El Allouli: absolutely unexpected and intense. What could be more natural than to envisage bringing together our musical feelings through this new project colored with blues, sounds from the desert and, of course, guitars!" 


Mixed at the legendary Fantasy studio in Berkeley (California), the album Kalaban Coura was produced by Lee Townsend. The live sessions performed at La Chapellle Studio capture the acoustic energy born on the street. Endless jams that saw the birth of riffs and songs backed by a grooving rhythm section. The meeting of two guitars – one nylon, the other steel-string – a voice from Bamako and a violin from the Moroccan desert are the ingredients of this disc.



"A wonderful jewel, magic for guitar lovers." (Le Nouvel Afrique - January 2012)

"One of the best world album of this year" (Radio 1 Belgium - January 2012)

"Somewhere between Western groove, African blues & Arabic taste, Kalaban Coura creates a very strong sound looking for a common roots. Simply beautiful album." (Polskie Radio Poland - January 2012)

"The band gives the pulse with songs like Decentralisation. Definitely the best track from this adventurous album containing an amazing instrumental blues called Bill." (Karla's Wereldmuziek Belgium - January 2012)

"Kalaban Coura enters on the World music Charts Europe, a considerable merit for the band." (Cobra Belgium - January 2012)



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